Flooding and Erosion

Flooding and Erosion

Being at risk of flooding or erosion has impacts not just on individuals’ lives but on whole communities.  As well as the direct consequences of having your home or business flooded, or having to move due to imminent risk of erosion, there are social, economic and environmental impacts that are increasingly being recognised as being essential components to include in decision-making.  Funding policies also mean that working with those at risk is more important than ever if the benefits of reducing or adapting to flood and erosion risk are to be recognised.

RPA’s work is centred on enabling more of the impacts of flooding and erosion to be captured, through both development of new methods and engagement with those living and working in at risk areas.  We have extensive experience in both policy and project appraisal for flood and coastal erosion risk management (FCERM). Specifically our areas of work include:

  • Developing, applying and reviewing assessment and appraisal methodologies and decision-making frameworks for government flood risk management policy
  • Reviewing approaches to the valuation of social, economic and environmental costs and benefits of flood risk management and developing innovative ways to help ensure that more of the impacts of flooding and erosion are taken into account during decision-making 
  • Preparing studies related to specific flood and coastal erosion risk management projects, including through working with and for government departments and agencies, local authorities and local communities
  • Undertaking engagement activities with local stakeholders and communities to help bring their views into decision-making, and encouraging greater involvement in appraisal and understanding how and where the beneficiaries of flood and coastal erosion risk management measures may wish to, or are able to, contribute through partnership funding
  • Undertaking policy and project appraisals on flood risk management, coast protection, water level management and land drainage schemes for the Environment Agency, Internal Drainage Boards and District Councils
  • Providing training for those undertaking and reviewing project appraisals, including on specific aspects of the project appraisal process

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