RPA (with wca Environment) has been commission by DG Environment to undertake a study to set priorities for further development and validation of test methods and testing approaches for evaluating endocrine disruptors.

The objectives of this study are to:

  • develop a series of baseline documents and draft prioritisation paper necessary to serve as inputs for discussion at the European expert workshop on setting priorities for further development and validation of test methods for evaluating endocrine disruptors;
  • organise, prepare, execute and chair the workshop; and
  • draft a final report aiming at:

-setting the priorities for further work on the development of test methods and testing approaches under the OECD TGP in relation to endocrine disrupting substances,

-providing guidance on how to effectively use (i.e. prioritise) the existing resources dedicated to test guidelines development for identifying substances with endocrine disrupting properties.

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