A study that aims to evaluate the impact of REACH on the operational conditions and structure of chemical and downstream industries has been launched by the European Commission's industry directorate, DG Growth.
An extensive survey has been launched to provide information for the study, which is being jointly prepared by the Centre for Strategy & Evaluation Services (CSES), Risk & Policy Analysts and Ökopol. The project's aim, says the survey, is to “remedy any weaknesses identified during the study with a view to minimising possible adverse effects of the REACH implementation and to maximise the impacts of specific REACH mechanisms which improve conditions for businesses.”

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16 Feb

Defra published RPA's reports on IDBs

Defra have published RPA's reports "Internal Drainage Boards (IDB) Beneficiaries and Performance Indicators" and "Developing the IDBs' Beneficiaries Toolkit and Performance Indicators"

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26 Jan

Implementing the EU strategy on EDCs

The European Commission's Directorate General for the Environment (DGEnv) has awarded the Framework Contract on the implementation of the EU strategy on endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which was agreed at the 7th environmental action programme. Three contractors, including RPA, have been awarded the tender, which aims to support the EU strategy on EDCs.

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