RPA is now officially an employee-owned company!

RPA is now officially an employee-owned company!

As of April 2019, RPA is an employee-owned company held in trust to work towards a shared goal of growth and success for all.  The innovative transition will allow all staff members, regardless of seniority, to have greater say in the future of RPA. 

The ultimate goal of transitioning RPA into an employee-owned company was to hand over the business to the staff that helped create and grow RPA into the successful consultancy seen today.  As the company moves towards a shared vision of growth and prosperity, every person who works at (and now thus owns) RPA will benefit, sharing the rewards of our hard work and endeavours.

Our history and development

RPA was founded in 1990 with just two members of staff.  The company set out to provide environmental policy and risk assessment services to clients in the UK and more globally.  Since then RPA has grown into an internationally renowned consultancy, with an established reputation and proven expertise.  Whilst the company’s headquarters have remained in Norfolk, RPA has expanded and now boasts offices in London and Brussels (and a sister company, RPA Europe, in Italy). 

Our skills and expertise

RPA’s reputation for delivering high quality, tailor-made outputs attracts some of the best talent and the team has increased from the two founding members to over 30 employees.  The dedicated team of accomplished economists, scientists and policy analysts work in a number of sectors including environment, chemicals and UK and EU policy.  RPA undertakes projects for a wide client base covering the UK and local government, the European Commission, the European Chemicals Agency, other EU national authorities, industry associations, and private sector companies. 

Moving to an Employee-Owned Trust

RPA has joined the growing number of employee-owned companies, moving away from the more traditional model of a privately held company, with members purchasing 75% of the company.  This means that all employees now own part of the company through the trust and have a very real say in not only the day to day management of the company, but also how the company should move forwards to achieve the best results for everyone. 

75% of the company is held in shares by an Employee-Owned Trust, whilst 25% is retained by the two founding members.  The Trust consists of two elected company directors, two elected employees and an independent trustee.

Benefits to RPA members

Becoming an employee-owned company offers a huge number of benefits that ultimately translate into a resilient and successful company.  Naturally, the primary benefits are for staff members, through the opportunities afforded by company management.  This increased sense of togetherness and equality drives forward the employee-focused ethos already built up by RPA.  Giving employees a voice that is genuinely listened to also leads to improved wellbeing amongst staff, improved morale, and a greater sense of job security.  Holding shares in the company also brings financial benefits; an annual tax-free bonus makes the growth of RPA a shared goal with tangible outputs for all the staff.  It ’is an additional incentive that motivates employees to make the company successful year upon year.  

Benefits to clients

Being an employee-owned company also has notable benefits for clients.  It allows us to attract and retain both established experts and aspiring graduates in a variety of sectors and fields - the increased engagement and commitment from staff at all levels creates a company that is not only profitable but also highly regarded for our expertise in our specialist areas.

Having a workforce that is fully invested in the company creates an environment where members work to exceed client expectations; this also helps to make the business more resilient to any economic downturns.  Critically, handing the company to the employees, and not to an external investor maintains RPA’s independence, allowing us to choose work that aligns with our core values – helping society create and implement sustainable policies and actions that serve to protect human health and the environment.

Find out more

If you would like to know more about RPA and the employee-owned trust, please contact: matthew.lambert@rpaltd.co.uk